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tv   [untitled]    June 1, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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street capacity or muni system although it's more than 45 years old the resource elevation determines the current structure is not a historic resource this is within the rh2 zoning district so the proposed two unit building is compatible with the surrounding current development along the subject block and finally we building again, the project will result in no significant light reduction therefore we recommend the commission approve the proposed demolition and to two family dwelling that concludes
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my presentation. if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. thank you >> project sponsor please. >> good afternoon commissioner president wu and members of the commission. i'm david silverman i'm working with the owners and occupants for the project he covered most of the ground so i'm not going to speak long. the project is to the a spec development it will be occupied by the project sponsors who live in the adjacent house and plan on having mrs. lee's mother living there.
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the project compiles with many of the planning code remits for demolition as mr. wang covered it is a factors and received the full support and recommendations of the planning department staff. the proposed project will be 10 feet lower than the allowable height and a set back of feet and two setbacks at the rear facade. i'm introducing robert evans and vivian lee. thank you. >> okay. hi good evening. i'm vivian lee
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my husband and i are the occupants of this. before i guinea want to say thank you to the commissioners for taking the testimony time to review our case and especially the planning department for working with us to bring this to the level. we and our children have been living to the this small house we're both architects working in itself city we want to build this how did to build the needs off our family but an improvement to the city. this is an edition of a second unit we anticipate the day that when our parents will no longer be able to live on their own my mom is here. it's important this project can
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accommodate the multi generations to our values with that i'm going to turn it over to rob how we arrived at the current deadline. >> hi i'm robert the project sponsor. to begin with we started the project by working closely with the neighboring neighbors had significant outreach and met with on 8 occasions are concerned neighbors on the project. we've included numerous letters of support in your packets tonight but we've also worked closely with the staff and as mentioned previously staff visited in person to understand the neighboring properties the project has been reviewed twice by the residential design team
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and found consistent about the guidelines. more importantly what i think i'd like to say we think this is a good project. we think that's a reasonable project and a responsible project. we that that this building makes sense in this setting and neighborhood a lot of care has been put into the building that's respectful for the neighborhood. on the front of the building we're setting the third floor back 15 feet to minimize the scale of the building and included a sloped line to respect the typography. each the 3 floors will be split-level to keep the building at the 10 feet below the allowable height.
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in the rear of the building we've included a setback between ourself and the eastern neighbor. and in the back we're terraced the rear facade to you incentive >> sir, your time is up. >> open this up for public comment. >> my name is is a jan i'm speaking in support of this project i live at the 449, 27th on the south side of 27 street i'm the owner of my house and have lived there more than thirty years vivian and robert have lived across the street
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while they've developed the new plans i've been very impressed with the process. they've met with the neighborhoods on 27th street on both sides individually and to review the plans for the new home. they listens to each neighbor and he will group meetings and mag matt made modifications. i've talked with many of the my naibdz neighbors on 27 the street it they agree that is a positive experience because they were so responsive to everyone's concerns i hope you approve the plans as presented today. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> good evening commissioner president wu and commissioners and the audience as well. thank you for taxing time i'm the person who lives in the apartment that they have next door my fellow tenants would like to have the project where in opposition of the project we would like to actually have further time to study the shadows of the building and it impact not only my apartment but neighboring apartments. there were light studies done i've seen i think there are a couple of things not taking into consideration actually - for starters.
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(inaudible) for the purpose of the building this is my belief here >> i'm sorry ma'am, speak spots microphone. >> this is the building on the one side i don't believe is drawn into the plans presented but what's interesting this is a complete enclosure of the other side of our building and provides a perfect example off our concerns about having similar enclosure of this side of the building. as you see in this drawing i appreciate the terracing in the front and back of the building
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in question but this completely enclosure the light well, i'm not the only apartment it's affected. essentially we only get direct light between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. with the direct light. and i have some time left so i took as you heard earlier just to show an examples of what the light looks like when it's not between 11 and 1:00 p.m. the brightest it ever gets would be currently i'll show it is it 11:00 a.m. with all the light coming from the southeast. this is noon when it's directly
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overhead which is basically, all i'll have if the building is constructed as currently ground u drawn. this the one p.m. >> i'm sorry ma'am, our time is up. >> i can leave the material with us. >> pardon me. >> you can leave the material. >> i believe you have all those materials i mean, i'll leave the comments for the next - >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, commissioners i'm michelle i'm the owner of 15 sociowhen we purchased the building two and a half weeks ago was the natural lighting it will jeopardy the natural
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sexually assaulted and disruption the views and lower the value of our properties. i understand that several neighbors are in agreement with this decision but their buildings are not impacted. as also units one and 5 shows how it the lighting is blocked and that building next to us is already on i believe a 2 story so we don't get the natural latin-american on those two units thank you is there any further public comment >> okay seeing none, public comment is closed. and commissioner antonini >> yeah. i'm looking at one of the daylight studies this shows
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the courtyard i need help you, see where the apartment is of laura murdock and that makes sense it shows an before and after i'm trying to figure out where the new structures are supposed to be if we can pass that down it looks like it's exactly the same before and after as far as what's there. maybe the project sponsor can answer that >> commissioner, i, answer that the reason why it looks that it is essentially the same before and after what we've determined from your analysis this is a minor shadow cast right here in the morning hours and that shadow would stop to the
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approximately 10:00 a.m. in the summertime and winter one p.m. i want to pout those two units are facing north already so there's absolutely in change but the other two units ms. murdock referred to they're not impacted by our project at all. that's what's happening with the light. >> so i guess when we look at the picture our project happens to be in front of the of what we're looking at right and yes. >> this light area has been there all along. >> that's correct. >> because of the structures that existing structures that will still be there are we're only seeing the short shadows your project is to the west. >> wore to the east.
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>> you're to the east of that space. >> that's correct. >> and when we looked at the picture earlier in the book it shows the spaces between buildings if you move that open to an earlier package it senior housing shows the view from the rear of proposed building and i think it looks yeah. a little bit further building relative to the other buildings. >> is this the view. >> yeah. so somewhere on the top is where the courtyard k is; is that correct. >> we're right there. >> that's all preexist you're only putting a building there to the. >> east of. >> ante that's why it looks the sale because the building has a wall that's similar.
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>> the building there is much smaller the point i'd like to make as architects we a tried to design it sense work we want to match a light well in this case it is really a huge light well, i mean it's 18 by 16 feet so our building is is to the east there will be shadows cast in the morning hours their minimal. >> if you had been scribble south maybe alters of morning sun. >> that's correct and 4 of the units two face north those two units have windows on the rear of the properties so they have
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access to the rear view. >> thank you. >> commissioner sugaya. >> yeah. i make a motion to not take dr. >> second. >> commissioner moore. >> i'd like to note? a citizen activity designed with respect to the courtyard it creates spaces including the rooflines that's sensitive to the x we don't have rules against density indication that has the types of shadows we're experiencing there's indeed room for desecration but it's not in a way impacting sometimes, we see where we modify a building not to talk about that earlier today but the discretion this is way
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within the boundary of good projects. >> i understand this is in this courtyard but this project is sensitive in the way it is we see projects that are much more aggressive. >> commissioners there's a motion and second to not take dr and commissioner antonini. >> commissioner borden. >> confusing second year commissioner moore. commissioner sugaya and commissioner president wu. so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places you on public comment i have in speaker card >> any public comment seeing none, the meeting is
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>> i love teaching. it is such an exhilarating experience when people began to feel their own creativity. >> this really is a place where all people can come and take a class and fill part of the community. this is very enriching as an artist. a lot of folks take these classes and take their digital imagery and turn it into negatives. >> there are not many black and white darkrooms available anymore. that is a really big draw. >> this is a signature piece. this is the bill largest
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darkroom in the u.s.. >> there are a lot of people that want to get into that dark room. >> i think it is the heart of this place. you feel it when you come in. >> the people who just started taking pictures, so this is really an intersection for many generations of photographers and this is a great place to learn because if you need people from different areas and also everyone who works here is working in photography.
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>> we get to build the community here. this is different. first of all, this is a great location. it is in a less-populated area. >> of lot of people come here just so that they can participate in this program. it is a great opportunity for people who have a little bit of photographic experience. the people have a lot, they can really come together and share a love and a passion. >> we offer everything from traditional black and white darkrooms to learning how to process your first roll of film. we offer classes and workshops in digital camera, digital
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printing. we offer classes basically in the shooting, ton the town at night, treasure island. there is a way for the programs exploring everyone who would like to spend the day on this program. >> hello, my name is jennifer. >> my name is simone. we are going on a field trip to take pictures up the hill. >> c'mon, c'mon, c'mon. >> actually, i have been here a lot. i have never looked closely
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enough to see everything. now, i get to take pictures. >> we want to try to get them to be more creative with it. we let them to be free with them but at the same time, we give them a little bit of direction. >> you can focus in here. >> that was cool. >> if you see that? >> behind the city, behind the houses, behind those hills. the see any more hills? >> these kids are wonderful. they get to explore, they get to see different things. >> we let them explore a little bit. they get their best.
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if their parents ever ask, we can learn -- they can say that they learned about the depth of field or the rule of thirds or that the shadows can give a good contrast. some of the things they come up with are fantastic. that is what we're trying to encourage. these kids can bring up the creativity and also the love for photography. >> a lot of people come into my classes and they don't feel like they really are creative and through the process of working and showing them and giving them some tips and ideas. >> this is kind of the best kept secret. you should come on and take a class. we have orientations on most saturdays. this is a really wonderful
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location and is the real jewel to the community. >> ready to develop your photography skills? the harvey milk photo center focuses on adult classes. and saturday workshops expose youth and adults to photography classes.
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>> good afternoon and welcome to the city and school district. i am chairing today's committee. i'm joined by supervisors john avalos and supervisor erik mar who is here in place of commissioner farrell and we are joined by the board of education. madam clerk are there any announcements? can we call item 1? >> thank you. it's file 140389, it's a hearing of water bottle filling stations in san francisco and that was sponsored